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celebrating 3000 followers (holy shit) and 100 followers on my new animal crossing blog spargelcrossing ! it ends on august 9th to celebrate three months of animal crossing new leaf played !

its 7.6 million because you need a little over 7.5 million to get a mansion 

you do not have to be following either of my blogs! likes do not count reblogs only please

youll have to also be comfortable with me having your friendcode and you must have your askbox open 

if theres no response from the winner within 32 hours ill choose another

ok go !


This GIF was posted as a reaction to “How I feel when I’m at a friend’s house for dinner and their parents start fighting at the table.”

A great representation, but many people were confused as to what this wonderfully cute, protuberant eyed animal was! 

For those wondering, this is a slow loris! They are a member of the Primate order! You can’t see it in the GIF, but this little guy has ten fingers and fingernails, just like us!

These guys are incredible creatures, with amazing grip strength, too! Their hands are so good at gripping that many lorises are found dead still standing up on the branches, as their hands have adaptations for locking into place!

They are also one of the few toxic mammals in the world! They secrete a toxin from their brachial gland on their arms, which they then rub all over their bodies. A loris’ defensive position often looks like a person reclining with their hands behind their heads!

Stumbled upon this scientist. Catching up on his blog and this was too good to pass up.

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